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10 Chinese Grammar Flashcard Decks You’ll Love

Chinese language teachers who teach students in courses and at universities often say that Chinese grammar is very simple. However, this is an erroneous opinion, which is based on an excessive simplification of the Chinese language. The thing is that Chinese grammar is simply based on different principles from English grammar.

Is the Chinese Language Relevant Today?

Learning a foreign language in the modern world is one of the most important components of a modern and successful person. Knowledge of at least one foreign language broadens your horizons and allows you to learn the culture and customs of other people. Nowadays, foreign language mastering is not just an indicator of a person’s education but also a necessity. If you would like to keep up with the times, knowing several foreign languages is a must.

The Chinese language is a tool for self-improvement, both in business and in the personal sphere. It “highlights” all the “bottlenecks.” To study it, you need such inputs as imagination, perseverance, good audiovisual memory, and a willingness to accept and love the Chinese people for who they are.

Top Chinese Grammar Flashcard Decks 2024

It goes without saying that flashcards will make it easier to memorize basic Chinese characters and grammar units. They can be used as an addition to the Chinese tutorial and teaching copybooks or as a separate manual. They will be useful for both beginners and those continuing to learn Chinese. Some hieroglyphs are accompanied by an associative picture, as well as examples of use.

The unique AnkiPro service with virtual flashcards will be an integral helper. The application will assist you in quickly mastering the material in a cheerful way. Here are the top 10 Chinese grammar flashcard decks for 2024.

Chinese Grammar Wiki Study Deck

Chinese morphology is strictly related to many syllables with a rather rigid construction. Although many of these monosyllabic morphemes can be single words, they most often form polysyllabic compounds that more closely resemble a traditional Western word. The presented Chinese Grammar Wiki Study Deck contains 5864 notes.

Chinese Grammar Structures with Examples

Let’s start with the fact that the grammatical features of modern Chinese are noticeably different from Slavic, Germanic, and Romance languages. This is due to the peculiarities of culture, mentality, and the tendency to save grammatical means at the level of both syntax and morphology. This virtual deck Chinese Grammar Structures with Examples will surely assist you in learning the material quickly and in an exciting way. The presented set contains 189 notes.

Chinese Grammar Advanced

A Chinese “word” can consist of more than one morpheme character, usually two, but there may be three or more. This is a basic grammar of the Chinese language. Moreover, most words have no visible part of speech features. This affiliation can only be determined by the context of the use of the word in a sentence. With the help of this Chinese Grammar Advanced deck with informative flashcards, the learning process can be enthralling and less boring. This widely-used classic book assists students in comprehending 66 grammar items.

Anki Chinese Grammar Practice

For a start, grammar mastering is the key to further successful learning. Grammar is the basic building material. It is the cement that strengthens and helps build the four walls of your Chinese home, namely:

  • listening;
  • speaking;
  • reading;

Internet flashcard decks will certainly help you deal with this difficult topic. The presented Anki Chinese Grammar Practice set contains 5578 notes.

Chinese Grammar (汉语 语法) HSK1

There are no verb conjugations, plural nouns, or tense forms in Chinese. Instead, Chinese grammar is based on word order and the use of particles. Sentences in Chinese have a clear word order. First the subject, then the predicate, and finally the complement in the form of an adjective or adverb. Nevertheless, a beginner will have to build his/her speech according to a different principle. Hieroglyphs, depending on the context, can change the part of speech. This is another feature of the Chinese language. This Chinese Grammar (汉语 语法) HSK1 deck has approximately 600 cards.

Chinese Grammar HSK 23456

In Chinese, words appear in a sentence in a certain order and cannot be interchanged. Any sentence can be assembled as construction parts by simply placing words in a certain place, for instance, adjectives come before nouns, and adverbs before verbs. The presented Chinese Grammar HSK 23456 deck contains 40 flashcards.

Mandarin Chinese Grammar

Outside of China, the language has official status in Taiwan and Singapore. In addition, this is the language most often used by the large Chinese diaspora around the world to communicate with each other. This flashcard Mandarin Chinese Grammar deck has approximately 1430 cards. The list will assist Chinese learners in developing their grammar skills.

Chinese Grammar Wiki A1-B2

Chinese varieties of all periods have traditionally been considered prime examples of analytic languages, relying on word order and particles instead of inflection or affixes to provide grammatical information such as person, number, tense, mood, or matter. Although modern varieties, including Mandarin dialects, use a small number of particles that are similar to suffixes, they are still highly analytic. This Chinese Grammar Wiki A1-B2 deck has approximately 436 cards.

Chinese (Mandarin/Simplified) HSK3 Sentences

The syntax of the Chinese language is characterized by a strict system of rules regarding word order, the combination of words in a sentence, and the structural features of sentences of various types. In Chinese, the order of words in a sentence is firmly defined. The grammatical role of a word and its connections with other words in a sentence are established mainly due to the order of words, the violation of which leads to a change in the grammatical role and connections of words. This Chinese (Mandarin/Simplified) HSK3 Sentences deck contains 303 useful cards.

G019a: Chinese Verbs

Verbs in Chinese carry the main grammatical load. All grammatical structures are mainly built around verbs. It is possible to make a verb negative using the particle 不 [bù], which can be translated as “not”. In order to give a verb a negative meaning, you need to use the particle 不 in front of it. The presented virtual flashcards will allow you to improve your knowledge of Chinese grammar. The Chinese Verbs deck contains about 14 units needed to learn the Chinese language.

Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, the Chinese language is one of the most interesting and, at the same time, complex languages in the grammatical sense. To master it successfully, you need systematic as well as disciplined work. In addition to learning a language with an experienced teacher, the AnkiPro application becomes an integral assistant. With the help of well-designed flashcards, it will become easier for you to understand the unique language of the Celestial Empire.

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