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10 Best Grammar Flashcard Decks for Those Who Study Languages

Many people who study foreign languages are initially reluctant to admit that grammar is not needed. They are struggling with this. However, grammar is an important component of language learning and plays a crucial role in communicative language teaching. With the help of the AnkiPro service, you will be surprised how quickly and easily you can acquire new knowledge. The fact is that flashcards are a way to learn new words, phrases, set expressions, constructions and even grammar.

Why Study Grammar?

The ability to correctly combine words and change phrases depending on what the speaker wants to say at the moment is one of the most essential conditions for using language as a necessary means of communication. Mastering the grammar of the foreign language being studied is vital for the development of productive skills in oral and written speech. Besides, it assists a lot in understanding the speech of other people when listening and reading.

What matters here is that an insufficient level of grammatical skills becomes an insurmountable barrier to the formation of not only linguistic, but also speech and sociocultural competence.

Top Grammar Decks 2024

Learning grammar is not always a boring and monotonous process. Electronic flashcards are ideal for demonstrating how to conjugate verbs in different tenses, form the plural of nouns, form numerals (ordinal and cardinal), various pronouns, and the like. By means of flashcard grammar, it is easy to demonstrate the features of changing the order of words in interrogative and negative sentences, constructing various constructions and word formation. Here’s the top Grammar decks for 2024.

English Grammar in Use Activities

English grammar defines the rules that govern the construction of sentences, the formation of words and their agreement. For example, English uses definite (the) and indefinite (a/an) articles to indicate the presence or absence of definiteness of a noun. English Grammar in Use Activities constitutes a useful language series that is created to focus on learning English grammar rules. There are approximately 3606 аflashcards in this deck.

Spanish Grammar

In the initial stages of learning Spanish, it is important to immerse yourself in the process gradually. It is remarkable that in Spanish the word order has its own characteristics. Usually, the subject comes before the predicate, and the definition after the word being defined. Moreover, the main active elements of Spanish sentences are the subject and the predicate. They act in an inextricable connection, but at the same time they may not be located nearby, in the vicinity of additions or circumstances. The presented Spanish Grammar deck contains 1191 notes.

German Grammar [@jackkinsella]

German grammar seems very difficult to many people. German uses only four cases. Nevertheless, to use them correctly, it is not enough to know only the rules of declination. You need to know the grammatical gender of nouns. It is worth noting that word order in German does not cause any difficulties. The presented German Grammar deck contains 1345 flashcard units. The use of these virtual cards undoubtedly assists learners in successful mastering the language.

Advanced French Grammar

Learning French is an exciting journey that allows you to delve into the culture and history of the French people. It comes as no surprise that French grammar can be difficult for some people, especially those who have no experience learning other languages. It will take time and persistence to master the rules of grammar and their application. More than that, it will certainly take a lot of diligence and concentration to sit down every day and learn the rules and other subtleties of the French language over and over again. This widely-used classic Advanced French Grammar deck helps learners to comprehend 793 French grammar cases.

TOPIK I Korean Grammar

The grammatical features of the Korean language make it interesting to learn. To begin with, the Korean language has a unique grammar, including peculiarities of word order and the use of particles. The grammar of the Korean language is very different from the grammar of Slavic or Romano-Germanic languages. Similarities and analogies can be drawn between Japanese and Korean in this case. The presented TOPIK I Korean Grammar deck contains 1454 notes.

Chinese Grammar Wiki Study Deck

In teaching the grammatical structure of the Chinese language, one of the main tasks is to destroy the simplified understanding of categories such as subject and predicate from the first days of training. Moreover, the use of these terms should be avoided at all costs when explaining Chinese sentence structure. If your goal is to learn the Chinese language, Chinese Grammar Wiki Study Deck will be necessary. It contains 5864 flashcards.

Intermediate Turkish Grammar

Studying Turkish grammar is a mandatory basis for fully mastering the language. A feature of Turkish grammar is its rigid logic and structure. In Turkish lessons, students learn not to think about the subject but to think in categories. The Intermediate Turkish Grammar deck includes about 325 Turkish grammar points needed for every day’s communication.

Arabic Grammar

The Arabic language is built on vowels. In other words, grammar determines the principle by which the vowels of words change. A certain connection between particles and words can influence their change. Therefore, it is essential to remember in which cases this connection changes the vowels and in which cases it does not. There are also a number of exceptions that you need to know. Remember that the complex grammar of the Arabic language includes several components. This Arabic Grammar deck has approximately 42 useful flashcards.

Latin Grammar Endings

The Latin language has its own characteristics in grammar that distinguish it from other languages. Proponents of the study of Latin grammar as a complete system of knowledge primarily insist on the educational significance of such study and argue that it teaches logical and even scientific thinking. In this Latin Grammar Endings deck, there are plenty of useful flashcards. You will find a list of the 36 most commonly used Latin grammar endings.

Lambdin Hebrew Grammar Vocabulary

A special feature of Hebrew is its abductive writing system, which consists of the Abjad alphabet and Rashid consonants. By memorizing this Hebrew grammar vocabulary, you will be able to react without thinking and give a simple answer in a standard dialogue. The presented Lambdin Hebrew Grammar Vocabulary deck contains 935 necessary notes.

Bottom Line

Undoubtedly, the correct use of grammar allows us to speak and write in a foreign language more accurately and fluently. Thus, grammar helps us express our thoughts clearly and accurately, avoid mistakes in speech and writing, understand complex texts, develop critical thinking, and effectively learn foreign languages. Therefore, knowing grammar is a necessary skill for every person. Informative virtual flashcards from the AnkiPro application will help you understand the basics of grammar. This learning method will not only stimulate the student, but will also make the process exciting and fun.

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